Money Management 101 Before the Class Syllabus is handed out lets go over a few things. Everything you are about to read you have read a thousand times. By the end of the course you will be able to answer each and every question on the final correctly. Here they are- --REMEMBER-- 1- Sports Betting is a marathon and not a sprint. 2- Champagne taste with a beer pocketbook! 3- Always start with and maintain a Bank roll. 4- Play between 2% - 5% on your wagers. 5- Bet with your head, not with your heart. 6- The most important and the hardest thing is to have discipline! If you follow those 6 rules, you will receive a grade of 'A'! Now here comes the hard part using the knowledge that you learned. Sports today is a 24/7 business. Every sports station is reloading with 4 experts giving you their opinion followed by 4 more, and so on, and so on! Always beware when you hear somebody has a 'lock' or a 'sure thing'. Las Vegas was built on 'locks' and 'sure things'. Good Luck and Good Winning! R.J Robbins
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